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Greyfinders focuses on HR services that assists clients not simply searching''best fit talent''but more strategically "engaging employer brand values" through our selection process.

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Sales Manager

  • Greyfinders , Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
  • 3000 $1,500 - $3,000
  • Posted: 09 Mar 2018

Job Description

Our client is a company in Hi-tech Agriculture Field

  • Develop a sales strategy to achieve organizational sales goals and revenues
  • Recruit and develop sales team personnel• Set individual sales targets with sales team, evaluate performance of sales staff
  • Co-ordinate sales action plans for individual salespeople
  • Ensure sales team have the necessary resources to perform properly
  • Monitor the achievement of sales objectives by the sales team
  • Assist with the development of sales presentations and proposals
  • Forecast annual, quarterly and monthly sales revenue
  • Generate timely sales reports• Assist with pricing schedules and rates
  • Formulate sales policies and procedures
  • Help prepare sales budgets, control expenses and monitor budgets of sales team
  • Assist with inventory control by providing reliable forecast
  • Conduct market research and competitor and customer analysis to identify sales opportunities, assist with new product development to meet the market’s trends
  • Develop promotional ideas and material
  • Attend trade meetings and industry conventions
  • Cultivate effective business relationships with executive decision makers in key accounts
  • Other reasonable tasks requested by CEO/Director 

Job Requirements

  • Business degree or related professional qualification (such as agriculture, applied chemical,
  • etc.)
  • Experience in all aspects of planning and implementing sales strategy
  • Technical sales skills
  • Proven experience in customer relationship management
  • Knowledge of market research
  • Experience in managing and directing a sales team
  • Relevant product and industry knowledge 

Additional Information

2018-03-09 USD

About Greyfinders

Greyfinders is a business member of Left Brain Asia (now C-Group), a private investment partnership company who also owns Left Brain Connectors ( the leading brand idea firm in Vietnam. We focus on HR services with a special concept that assists clients not simply searching ''best fit talent'' but more strategically "engaging employer brand values" through our selection process.

Get salary from $18,000/year

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