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Greyfinders focuses on HR services that assists clients not simply searching''best fit talent''but more strategically "engaging employer brand values" through our selection process.

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Latest big jobs at Greyfinders

  • Sales Manager (MT Channel)

    Greyfinders - From: $1,500 USD
    Our client is trading company (FDI) in FMCG field. They’re looking Sales Manager (MT Channel) Propose business strategy & yearly...
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Sales Director

    Greyfinders - From: $2,500 USD
    Our client is big company (FDI) for food ingredients and additives distribution industry. They’re looking Sales Director Manage and...
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Technical Sales Executive

    Greyfinders - Competitive USD
    Our client is distributor of cosmetics, home care,… supplying health and beauty instrument and service in Asia. They’re looking Technical Sales...
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Senior Maintenance Technician

    Greyfinders - Competitive USD
    Perform ongoing preventive maintenance and repair work on facility mechanical, electrical, and other installed systems.Maintain, operate all HVAC ...
    Dong Nai
  • Business Development Manager

    Greyfinders - Competitive USD
    Main duties: Develop existing and new network of Manufacturers and brand owners in key categories (such as apparel, shoes, accessories and ...
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Trợ lý Tổng giám đốc

    Greyfinders - $2,000 USD
    Hỗ trợ Tổng Giám đốc trong công việc phát triển dự án và làm việc với các đối tác.Hỗ trợ Tổng Giám đốc triển khai, giám sát, báo cáo tình hình các...
    Ho Chi Minh
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Greyfinders Headhunters

Why Greyfinders?

Executive Search

By focusing on our core industries, we ensure to deliver most qualified candidates in possible  fastest timeline. Greyfinders Headhunters with industry knowledge and strong relationships, we are confident to bring you the results-driven focus as well as enhance your brand value in our selection process.

Responsive and decisive, we provide clients with the highest level of service towards to targets.

HR Outsourcing & Payroll 

To reduce costs and streamline business processes for better productivity, we will assist you in recruitment & setting up payroll process for your outsourced employees. We offer flexible service packages matching with your requirement.

Engaging Employer Brand Value Campaigns

We offer wide range of services to help you organizing internal staffing events (year- end party, team-building, brand coaching...) with integration of your brand values. With our experts in branding industry, we are confident to bring the best service to your company.

We make ourselves differentiated from others by focusing on:

1.  Engineering & Manufacturing

2.  Consumer Goods

3.  Finance & Banking

4.  Pharmaceutical industry

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